Health & Wellness from an Artist’s Perspective.

Nurture Happiness with Colleen.

Established in 2011, Nurture Happiness with Colleen underwent several transitions and is now embarking on a new redevelopment.  We have relocated from Arizona to Michigan!  Expect many changes in 2021 and stay tuned for updates.  Please contact me with any direct requests for coaching or art.


Finding art through the transformation of the art I create.  I explore this concept in my NurtureHappiness Patreon community and intend to create videos and books.

Health Coaching.

Offering group and individual health coaching programs to promote wellness and happiness.  

Workshops and Events.

Specializing in meditative ceramic pendant workshops that produce gifts and relax.  With a history of offering community pancake breakfasts and other events, I intend to offer more in the future.


Professional art and ceramic pendants by Colleen Reckow are available for purchase (contact us for more information).  Stay tuned for website and shop updates soon.

Email updates offer special sales and information up to three times per month.  I do not share your information or overwhelm your inbox.

Contact Us

The best way to reach me is via email.  Please allow 24-48 hours for a thoughtful response in this fast-paced world, however I strive to respond to concerns and requests as quickly as possible.

Email me at

More ways to connect.

Updates and materials are released to Patreon subscribers first.  Sign up for a stream of digital and physical gifts as we develop projects and ideas:

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